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ea0039ep73 | Gonadal, DSD and reproduction | BSPED2015

Inter and intra-rater reliability of accuracy of testicular volume evaluation: a simulation study

Elder Charlotte , Sugathapala Shamani de Silva , Akbarian-Tefaghi Ladan , Langley Joe , Wright Neil

Background: Measuring testicular volumes by orchidometer is a standard method of pubertal staging in boys. A paucity of evidence exists as to its inter and intra-observer reliability and the impact of clinicians gender, experience and training on the accuracy of measurements. We are developing specifically engineered models with different testicular volumes to investigate inter and intra-observer reliability of testicular volume estimation for simulation training.<p class=...

ea0058p026 | Miscellaneous Endocrinology | BSPED2018

Using a testicular simulation model as an educational tool to improve testicular volume estimations

Craig Jessica , Sharman Megan , Fitzgerald Ciara , Wigg Dominic , Williams Beth , Wilkinson Ellen , Wright Neil , Langley Joe , Elder Charlotte

Background: Measuring testicular volume (TV) by orchidometer is a standard method of male pubertal staging. Previously we have developed a simulation model for TV estimation with different sized silicon testes housed in latex scrotum and displayed on paediatric mannequins. When used in a study of 215 paediatric endocrinologists TV was measured accurately on only 33% of occasions. Intra-observer reliability was also lacking with participants giving different estimations for the...