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ea0058oc8.2 | Oral Communications 8 | BSPED2018

The effect of GnRHa treatment on bone density in young adolescents with gender dysphoria: findings from a large national cohort

Joseph Tobin , Ting Joanna , Butler Gary

Background/Aims: More young people with gender dysphoria are undergoing hormonal intervention with GnRHa treatment. The impact on bone density is not known in the very young transgender adolescents, with guidelines mentioning that Bone Mineral Density (BMD) should be monitored without a suggestion on how. This study aimed to investigate whether there were any changes in BMD or Bone Mineral Apparent Density (BMAD) whilst on GnRHa therapy.Methods: A retros...

ea0070aep1049 | Hot topics (including COVID-19) | ECE2020

Diabetic emergencies during COVID-19 –A multi-centre experience

Qamar Sulmaaz , Aziz Umaira , Nasir Sadia , Armeni Eleni , Zosmer Maya , Joseph Tobin , Crawley Eleanor , Tutty Susan , Lynch Jo , Bouloux Pierre , Yousseif Ahmed , Khan Sidrah , Menon Ravi , Nethaji Chidambaram , Karra Efthimia

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is as a major contributor to disease severity and mortality in patients with Covid-19 infection, as the estimated increase in risk of death in hospitalised patients is 3.5-times (for T1DM) and 2.03-times (for T2DM).This retrospective analysis recruited 35 patients from three London hospitals who presented with diabetic emergencies i.e. diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), Hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar state( HHS), presence of ketone...