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ea0070aep407 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2020

Microangiopathy and cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetic population

Kalthoum Mehdi , Ben Nacef Ibtissem , Rojbi Imen , Adel Meriem , Mechirgui Nadia , Khiari Karima

Introduction: Type 2 diabetes is a springboard to metabolic and cardiovascular complications. The objective of our work was to investigate the different cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic type 2 population, and study relation between the level of cardiovascular risk and the occurrence of degenerative complications.Patients and Methods: Retrospective study including 149 patients with type 2 diabetes consultant at the Department of Endocrinology at th...

ea0070aep704 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

A rare etiology of hyperprolactinemia: Factitious hypoglycemia

Kalthoum Mehdi , Gharbi Radhouan , Kandara Hajer , Adel Meriem , Jemel Manel , Kammoun Ines

Introduction: While prolactin is most well known for its role in lactation and suppression of reproduction, its physiological functions are quite diverse. There are many etiologies of hyperprolactinemia, including physiologic as well as pathologic causes. Factitious hypoglycemia a rare case of induced hyperprolactinemiaCase report: We report a case of 17-years-old girl presented to with sever hypoglycemia mesured at 30 mg/dl. The patient had no significa...

ea0070ep19 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2020

Differences between bilateral and unilateral adrenal incidentalomas

Kalthoum Mehdi , Nacef Ibtissem Ben , Chida Anaam Ben , Rojbi Imen , Mechirgui Nadia , Khiari Karima

Introduction: Incidentally discovered adrenal incidentalomas has been reported to be as high as 5% of abdominal cross-sectional imaging performed for reasons unrelated to the adrenal gland. Although the management of bilateral and unilateral incidentalomas is the same, some studies suggest differences between the two groups.Patients and Methods: Retrospective study including 91 patients with adrenal incidentaloma at the Department of Endocrinology, Charl...

ea0070ep39 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2020

Pheochromocytoma in genetic disorders

Mekni Sabrine , Nacef Ibtissem Ben , Rojbi Imen , Kalthoum Mehdi , Mchirgui Nadia , Lakhoua Youssef , Khiari Karima

Introduction: Several familial disorders could be associated with adrenal pheochromocytoma such as Von Hippel–Lindau (VHL) syndrome, multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN2) and, less commonly, neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). Herein, we report three cases of pheochromocytoma as a part of genetic syndromes.ObservationsPatient 1A 34-year-old women with no familial history, was diagnosed with severe hype...

ea0070ep95 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Synchronous parathyroid carcinoma and papillary thyroid carcinoma: A case report

Kalthoum Mehdi , Ben Nacef Ibtissem , Mekni Sabrine , Rojbi Imen , Mechirgui Nadia , Khiari Karima

Introduction: In 1974, the first case of concomitant thyroid and parathyroid disease was reported. Non-medullary thyroid carcinoma has been reported in 6% of patients with Primary hyperparathyroidism. However, the simultaneous occurrence of parathyroid carcinoma along with non-medullary thyroid carcinoma is extremely rare.Case report: We report a case of 60-year-old woman with a history of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and hypertension. She had no family hist...

ea0070ep282 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Pituitary metastasis as a rare cause of diabetes insipidus

Kalthoum Mehdi , Kandara Hajer , Adel Meriem , Jmel Manel , Gharbi Radhouen , Kammoun Ines

Introduction: The most common cause of diabetes insipidus is idiopathic. In some rare cases, it can be secondary to metastasis to hypothalamic–pituitary region.Case report: We report a case of 68-years-old female patient presented to our clinic with complaints of polyuria and polydipsia. She had medical history of breast adenocarcinoma 6 years ago treated with surgery, neoadjuvant radiotherapy and 8 cycles of chimiotherapy. On physical examination ...

ea0070ep392 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2020

Turner’s syndrome: Clinic, therapeutic and evolutive particularities in a tunisian center

Dorraelguiche Dorra , Ines Kamoun , Kandara Hajer , Mehdi Kalthoum , Wiem Madhi , Jemel Manel

Introduction: Turner’s syndrome (TS) affects 1/2500 female births and it is characterized by growth retardation, dysmorphic syndrome and gonadal dysgenesis. Our objective was to describe the clinical, therapeutic and evolutive features of Tunisian patients with TS.Patients and Methods: It was a retrospective study including 23 patients with TS diagnosed between 1993 and 2019.We noted clinical, therapeutic and evolutive data for each patient.<p ...

ea0056p103 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2018

Paraganglioma of the prostate: a case report

Kalthoum Mehdi , Hadjkacem Faten , Elleuch Mouna , Ghorbel Dorra , Charfi Nadia , Naifer Manel , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: Extra-adrenal paragangliomas are neoplasms arising from cells of neural crest origin anywhere along the distribution of the sympathoadrenal neuroendocrine system. Nearly 85% are intra-abdominal, 12% are intrathoracic, and 3% are cervical. 1 Some of the unusual sites for paragangliomas include the kidney, urethra, urinary bladder, prostate.Case report: A 27-year old man presented with sever hypertensive crisis. He had a medical history of hi...

ea0056p723 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2018

Unusual complication of a pituitary adenoma: Pituitary abscess

Kalthoum Mehdi , Elleuch Mouna , Hadjkacem Faten , Charfi Nadia , Mnif Fatma , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: Pituitary abscesses are rare entities that can occur either as primary infections or secondarily to different causes. Primary pituitary abscess arises within a previously healthy gland, while secondary abscess occurs in pituitary gland that harbors a pre-existing lesion (adenoma, craniopharyngioma, or Rathke’s cleft cyst). Only 23 cases of secondarily infected adenomas were reported in the literature.Case report: A 38-years-old man pre...

ea0049ep77 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2017

Malignant androgen-secreting adrenocortical carcinoma with adrenal insufficiency: a case report

Mnif Fatma , Kalthoum Mehdi , Elleuch Mona , Wajdi Saafi , Charfi Nadia , Ammar Mouna , Feki Hamza , Mnif Mona , Abid Mohamed

Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare malignancy, accounting for 0.02% of all annual cancer. The majority of these tumors are benign, non-functioning adenomas that are incidentally discovered on abdominal image studies. Others are functional adenomas secreting cortisol, aldosterone, or less commonly androgens or estrogens. Pure androgen-secreting adrenal tumors are very rare.Case report: A 34-year-old female patient presented with pain in the left upp...