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ea0022p461 | Female reproduction | ECE2010

Estrogen plus progestin treatment: effect of different progestin components on serum markers of apoptosis in healthy postmenopausal women

Karaflou Maria , Kaparos George , Rizos Demetrios , Logothetis Emanuel , Alexandrou Andreas , Aravantinos Leon , Creatsa Maria , Christodoulakos George , Lambrinoudaki Irene , Kouskouni Evangelia

Objective: To investigate the effect of two hormone therapy (HT) regimens differing only in their progestin component on serum markers of apoptosis.Design: Randomized, double-blinded study.Patients: One hundred healthy postmenopausal women.Interventions: Patients were randomized to 17β-estradiol 1 mg/drosperinone 2 mg (E2/DSP) or 17β-estradiol 1 mg/norethisterone acetate 0.5 mg (E2</...

ea0022p462 | Female reproduction | ECE2010

The effect of hormone therapy and tibolone on serum CD40L and ADAM-8 in healthy postmenopausal women

Lambrinoudaki Irene , Karaflou Maria , Kaparos George , Grigoriou Odysseas , Alexandrou Andreas , Panoulis Constantinos , Logothetis Emanuel , Creatsa Maria , Christodoulakos George , Kouskouni Evangelia

Background/aim: The role of neutrophils and platelets in atherothrombotic disease is well established. The aim of our study was to investigate the effect of hormone therapy and tibolone on the soluble markers of neutrophil and platelet activation, ADAM-8 and CD40L respectively, in healthy postmenopausal women.Subjects and methods: One hundred and six healthy postmenopausal women were randomly allocated to: estradiol plus drospirenone (E2/DSP),...

ea0063p873 | Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours 3 | ECE2019

Immunohistochemical expression of ephrines A2 and A4 receptors in neuroendocrine neoplasms: preliminary results

Alexandraki Krystallenia , Antonopoulou Ioanna , Karaflou Maria , Christakou Charikleia , Mavroeidi Vasiliki , Karapanagioti Aggeliki , Lekkakou Maria , Anagnostou Elli , Tsoli Marina , Angelousi Anna , Delladetsima Ioanna Kassiani , Felekouras Evangelos , Sotiropoulos Georgios , Kaltsas Gregory , Theocharis Stamatios

Introduction: Ephrin receptors (EPHs) have a role in tumor growth, invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis of several neoplasms. Aim of the study was to investigate the expression and possible clinical significance of EPH-A4 and EPH-A2 protein expression in the pathophysiology of neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs).Methods: EPH-A4 and -A2 protein expression was assessed by immunohistochemical analysis along with Ki-67 proliferation index (%) on 28 paraffin emb...