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ea0029mte16 | (1) | ICEECE2012

Management of non-functioning pituitary adenomas

Karavitaki N.

Non-functioning pituitary adenomas (NFAs) are benign pituitary neoplasms arising from the adenohypophyseal cells. They are not associated with clinical evidence of hormonal hypersecretion and have a prevalence of 22 cases per 100,000 people. At presentation, the majority is macroadenomas and their clinical manifestations are the result of pressure effects to surrounding structures.Management options include observation, surgical removal combined or not w...

ea0029p354 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ICEECE2012

Control of acromegaly in an era where it is technically feasible in almost every patient, is by no means invariable even in a specialist unit

Szamocki S. , Karavitaki N. , Wass J.

We have audited control of acromegaly in a specialist endocrine unit in Oxford now that this should usually obtainable. We have 240 patients under active surveillance, seen annually since diagnosis. Data from 115 of these seen in the last year have been used for this analysis.Methods: We grouped patients according to whether they were controlled in either or both IGF1 and GH or uncontrolled. Controlled IGF1 was defined according to age and sex and GH was...

ea0022p544 | Male reproduction | ECE2010

Testosterone replacement therapy isn't always contraindicated after prostate cancer treatment: case report

Smith Rachel , Karavitaki N , Wass John

We present the case of a 62 year old gentleman who was diagnosed with Acromegaly in 1998.He commenced testosterone replacement therapy in the form of Sustanon every three weeks in October 2000 following a testosterone level of 6.6 nmol/l.PSA levels during treatment with Sustanon were: 01/03/01–5.1μg/l.06/04/01–4.9 μg/l at which point he was referred for a urological opinion.<p class="a...

ea0019p293 | Reproduction | SFEBES2009

Does skin thickness affect the absorption of Testogel?

Smith R , Karavitaki N , Wass J

Background: A variety of preparations for testosterone replacement therapy are currently available. Testogel, a transdermal gel, is widely used and considered one of the most convenient. However, a wide variation in the increment of serum testosterone two hours after its application has been reported.Aim: To investigate whether skin thickness affects the absorption of testogel.Subjects and methods: Fourteen patients (mean age 55.4 ...

ea0029p119 | Adrenal medulla | ICEECE2012

Neither classical symptoms of phaeochromocytoma nor elevated urinary catecholamines are always seen in patients with histologically verified phaeochromocytoma

Lumley S. , Reddy R. , Karavitaki N. , H Wass J.

Background: The symptom triad of ’headaches, palpitations and sweating’ along with elevated urinary catecholamine levels are commonly used to diagnose phaeochromocytoma. We wanted to assess how often patients with histologically verified phaeochromocytoma did not have this triad or had normal urinary catecholamine excretion on one occasion or more.Methods: Retrospective analysis of clinical presentation and urinary catecholamine levels in 75 pa...

ea0024p55 | (1) | BSPED2010

A review of the endocrine transition service over the last 10 years

Davison T , Ray N , Ryan F , Karavitaki N

Transitional care has become a high priority for the Department of Health (1). The paediatric and adult endocrinology teams have been running a joint transition service since October 2000. A review of this service was undertaken in order to examine its effectiveness and aid service improvement.The details of all 81 patients, who had been through transitional care since October 2000, were acquired. Both their electronic records and adult endocrinology not...

ea0019p190 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFEBES2009

Expression of guanylyl cyclase-B (GC-B) receptors in a range of human pituitary adenomas: evidence for a local natriuretic peptide system

Thompson I , Ansorge O , Karavitaki N , Wass J , Fowkes R

Several recent studies have identified Npr2 gene mutations (encoding the guanylyl cyclase B (GC-B) receptor) as causing dwarfism and achondroplasia. Npr2 null mice have a similar bone phenotype, pituitary growth hormone deficiency and female infertility. As the endogenous ligand for GC-B, C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) is expressed at high levels in the anterior pituitary of rats and mice, we examined whether components of the natriuretic peptide system were al...

ea0019p229 | Pituitary | SFEBES2009

Outcome following transsphenoidal adenectomy as treatment for non-responsive prolactinomas

Warnakulasuriya SR , Karavitaki N , Cudlip S , Wass JAH

Background: Surgery is indicated for patients with prolactinomas if intolerant of or resistant to medical therapy with dopamine agonists. The transphenoidal route offers fast relief from symptoms in the hands of an experienced surgeon, with remission achieved in up to 87% of microprolactinomas and 56% in macroprolactinomas.1Aim: To evaluate the outcome of transsphenoidal adenectomy for non-responsive prolactinomas in a single centre in the UK....

ea0015p38 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2008

An endocrine e-mail GP advisory service: a potential way to reduce referrals?

Walker JN , Rourke D , Allen K , Karavitaki N , Wass JAH

Since July 2005 our centre has offered an e-mail enquiry service to General Practitioners. This service was established for two reasons, firstly to create a more efficient way of dealing with clinical enquiries from primary care and secondly with a long term objective to reduce GP referral rates. The service is manned by Endocrine/Diabetes Specialist Registrars and is part of their training commitment. Compared to telephone calls it gives the registrar more chance to think thr...

ea0013p261 | Reproduction | SFEBES2007

Measurement of peak and trough testosterone levels during treatment with Testogel

Smith RH , Karavitaki N , Walker N , Wass JAH

Background: A variety of preparations for testosterone replacement therapy are currently available. Testogel, a transdermal gel, is widely used and considered one of the most convenient. Measurement of serum testosterone level at various times after application of the gel is regarded as one of the ways of monitoring response to treatment.Aim: To investigate the variability of testosterone absorption and whether testosterone levels prior to application of...