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ea0007p294 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Ectopic ACTH syndrome presenting with epistaxis and hypertension: a case report

McLaughlin D , Kassim S , Leslie H , McCance D

A 59 year old man was admitted with epistaxis. Blood pressure on admission was 213/110 mmHg. Past medical history included hypertension (3 years) and a cerebrovascular accident 5 years previously. Drug therapy included an ACE inhibitor, beta-blocker and thiazide diuretic. He denied thirst, polyuria or weight loss. He was an ex-smoker. On examination he was not Cushingoid. There were no diabetic complications.On block analysis potassium was 2.2mmol/l and ...

ea0007oc29 | Endocrine tumours | BES2004

Clinical experience of intra-arterial calcium gluconate-stimulated hepatic venous sampling in the localisation of insulinomas

Kassim S , Ellis P , Atkinson A , Hunter S , Sheridan B , Russell C , McCance D

Objective: to evaluate the role of pre-operative insulinoma localisation using selective intra-arterial calcium gluconate stimulated hepatic venous sampling.Method: Calcium gluconate (0.025 milliEquivalents Ca per kilogram) is used as a secretagogue to promote insulin secretion. Simultaneous catheterisation of right hepatic vein and pancreatic arterial supply were performed. The secretagogue was infused into the gastroduodenal, splenic, common hepatic an...