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ea0034oc2.6 | Endocrine regulation of cell behaviour | SFEBES2014

A potential role for food-derived microRNAs in human placental development

Timms Kate , Westwood Melissa , Forbes Karen

Normal placental and fetal growth are important for neonatal and lifelong health. Placental growth is influenced by endogenous microRNAs (miRs) which regulate translation of their target genes into proteins. Recently, plant miRs from ingested food have been detected in mammalian circulation; maternal fruit and vegetable intake is important for normal development but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. We hypothesised that miRNAs from maternal dietary fruit and v...

ea0065oc6.3 | Reproductive Endocrinology and Biology | SFEBES2019

Investigating the impact of altered maternal extracellular vesicle miRNAs on placental function in women with gestational diabetes complicated by large for gestational age infants

Timms Kate , Cartland Sarah J , Ntostis Panagiotis , Saravanan Ponnusamy , Simpson Nigel , Scott Eleanor , Forbes Karen

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) increases fetal morbidity/mortality, and is associated with elevated risks of offspring cardiometabolic disease. These risks are compounded in infants born large for gestational age (LGA) rather than appropriate size (AGA), a common complication of GDM associated with altered placental function. Circulating extracellular vesicle (EV)-associated miRNAs are internalised into the placenta and are emerging as key GDM mediators, with their role i...