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ea0041ep702 | Growth hormone IGF axis - basic | ECE2016

Macronutrient composition has sex specific effects on the GH-IGF-I axis

Kavermann Larissa , Andersen Kirstin , Horngacher Amon , Bidlingmaier Martin

Metabolic diseases are among the most important diseases in western societies and usually related to obesity. Dietary interventions are recommended for treatment and include both strategies with reduced caloric intake and alterations in macronutrient composition. Metabolism must be assumed to be regulated differently in females and males. In previous studies we demonstrated that low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diets affect GH/IGF-I axis in male rats. We know investigated whet...

ea0041gp52 | Cardiovascular endocrinology | ECE2016

Sex specific effects of alterations in macronutrient composition on fat accumulation, lipid-synthesis, -transport and –storage

Andersen Kirstin , Kavermann Larissa , Horngacher Amon , Tom Robby Zachariah , Sachs Stephan , Hofmann Susanna , Bidlingmaier Martin

Recent data suggest that not only caloric density but also macronutrient composition of diets can influence metabolism, body composition and the development of metabolic disorders. A limitation of previous studies was that effects were studied predominantly in males. To better understand potential differences in the response of males and females to manipulations of dietary macronutrients, our studies were undertaken in both sexes. As a dietary model, we used regular chow diet ...