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ea0049ep806 | Nuclear receptors and Signal transduction | ECE2017

3-Iodothyronamine induces transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) channel activation in human corneal endothelial cells and human corneal keratocytes

Ljubojevic Nina , Khajavi Noushafarin , Lohse Katharina , Valtink Monika , Mergler Stefan

3-Iodothyronamine (3-T1AM) is an endogenous metabolite of thyroid hormone (TH) for which was shown to have various effects. One of the effects is body temperature decline, which may be related with menthol receptor TRPM8. Normally, this ion channel is expressed in neuronal tissue, where it has a nociceptive role. Functional TRPM8 expression has also been shown in non-neuronal cells of the eye such as corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells, corneal endothelial cel...

ea0041oc2.1 | Receptors & Signalling | ECE2016

3-T1AM signaling in the rat thyrocyte cell line PCCL3

Schanze Nancy , Khajavi Noushafarin , Mergler Stefan , Biebermann Heike , Kohrle Josef

The endogenous decarboxylated thyroid hormone (TH) metabolite 3-Iodothyronamine (3-T1AM) exerts partially TH antagonistic effects in rodents and was shown to suppress the hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis in rats after single dose application. Therefore, it might play a role in maintaining TH homoeostasis. Among the molecular targets of 3-T1AM are G protein-coupled receptors like the trace amine associated receptor 1 (TAAR1) and adrenergic receptors. Furthermore, 3-T1AM was ...

ea0049oc2.3 | Diabetes Prediction and Complications | ECE2017

GLP-1 based multi-agonists-induced signaling includes profound TRP channel involvement in insulin secretion

Khajavi Noushafarin , Finan Brian , Kluth Oliver , Mergler Stefan , Muller Timo , Kleinau Gunnar , Schurmann Annette , Tschop Matthias H , DiMarchi Richard , Krude Heiko , Biebermann Heike

Promiscuous multi-agonists that simultaneously activate two or three key receptors (incretin- and/or glucagon receptor) were recently shown to improve glycemic control in mice. Here we investigated the underlying mechanisms of multi-agonists to enhance insulin secretion in murine islets and human pancreatic β-cells. These mixed agonists display a greater potency in cAMP signaling as compared to the native incretins. However, pharmacological blockade of cAMP signaling only...