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ea0037gp.14.04 | Diabetes and obesity – Clinical diabetes | ECE2015

Parental obesity in association with offspring cognitive and psychomotor development at 4 years of age: the mother child ‘Rhea' cohort in Crete, Greece

Daraki Vasiliki , Georgiou Vaggelis , Koutra Katerina , Kyriklaki Andriani , Kampouri Mariza , Sarri Katerina , Vassilaki Maria , Papavasiliou Stathis , Kogevinas Manolis , Chatzi Leda

Introduction: Animal studies suggest that maternal obesity may impact foetal brain structure and function and increase long-term susceptibility to neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders. Few human studies have examined these associations with conflicting results. It is unclear if reported associations are due to genetic background or intrauterine mechanisms.Objective: To investigate the association of maternal and paternal obesity status with ...

ea0041ep136 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2016

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy associates with increased emotional and behavioral problems at preschool age: the Rhea pregnancy cohort, Crete, Greece

Daraki Vasiliki , Roumeliotaki Theano , Chalkiadaki Georgia , Margioris Andrew , Koutra Katerina , Katrinaki Marianna , Kyriklaki Andriani , Kampouri Mariza , Papavasiliou Stathis , Kogevinas Manolis , Chatzi Leda

Background and aims: Vitamin D deficiency during the perinatal period has been hypothesized to increase risk for several psychiatric disorders in humans. As newborn vitamin D levels are entirely dependent on maternal vitamin D status, vitamin D deficiency in utero may leave the infant vulnerable to cognitive defects and behavioral problems. Few human studies have examined these associations with inconclusive results. We aimed to investigate the associations of maternal 25-hydr...