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ea0032p1108 | Thyroid cancer | ECE2013

Detecting somatic oncogene mutations in FNA samples of cold nodules in Hungary

Tobias Balint , Balla Bernadett , Kosa Janos P , Horanyi Janos , Takacs Istvan , Nagy Zsolt , Horvath Peter , Jaray Balazs , Szekely Eszter , Istok Roland , Szekely Tamas , Lakatos Peter

Cold nodules are one of the most common findings on scintigraphic examinations of the thyroid gland. About 5–10% of these nodules turn out to be histologically malignant. Our aim was to examine some somatogenetic alterations associated with thyroid cancer in FNA samples of the thyroid. These alterations included single nucleotide mutations (BRAF, HRAS, NRAS, KRAS) and genetic translocations (RET/PTC1, RET/PTC3, PAX8ex7/PPARgamma, PAX8ex9/PPARgamma). The SNPs were tested b...