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ea0037ep788 | Pituitary: clinical | ECE2015

Prevalence of the sleep breathing disorders in untreated and treated patients with acromegaly

Kovaleva Yulia , Dreval Alexander , Ilovayskaya Irena , Krukovskaya Margarita , Kulakov Nikolay , Fedorova Svetlana

For the purpose to compare sleep breathing disorders (SBD) in untreated and treated patients with acromegaly, we examined 55 patients with acromegaly (18 men and 37 women): 27 patients with newly diagnosed acromegaly, age 56.0 (47.0; 64.0) y.o., BMI 30.2 (27.8; 34.4) kg/m2, GH levels 12.8 (4.6; 23.0) ng/ml, IGF-1 245 (106; 331) % of upper normal limit (UNL), hypertension duration 6.5 (1.0; 14.8) years; 28 patients with treated acromegaly, age 57.0 (47.3; 64.8) y.o., BMI 30.7 ...

ea0041ep403 | Diabetes (to include epidemiology, pathophysiology) | ECE2016

Prevalence of diabetes mellitus in patients with hypercortisolism

Dreval Alexander , Trigolosova Irina , Kruglyakova Margarita , Komerdus Irina , Misnikova Inna , Kovaleva Yulia , Chekanova Anastasia , Barsukov Ilya , Molchanova Galina , Wolffenbuttel Bruce

Background: Early carbohydrate metabolism disorders (ECMDs) and diabetes mellitus (DM) are frequently associated with endogenous hypercortisolism (EG). Prevalence of secondary (sDM) in these cases are poorly investigated.Aim: We aimed to assess the prevalence of ECMDs and DM in patients with EG (pituitary-dependent Cushing disease (CD)) and adrenal-dependent Cushing (AC) and ACTH-ectopic syndrome (ACTHs) depending on gender and age.<p class="abstext"...