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ea0014p588 | (1) | ECE2007

Hypopituitary patients have an increased prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors

Matuszek Beata , Kowalczyk Mariusz , Zapolski Tomasz , Nowakowski Andrzej

Introduction: Hypopituitary patients receiving conventional hormone replacement, but without GH replacement, have an increased mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Inadequate hormone replacement is a possible cause of this increased mortality. GH deficiency in adult patients has been associated with several cardiovascular risk factors, including hyperlipidemia, increased abdominal adiposity, and impaired insulin sensitivity.The aim of the study is an ...

ea0016p460 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Intrasellar and parasellar tumors – concomitant symptoms and clinical syndromes

Kurowska Maria , Malicka Joanna , Tarach Jerzy S , Zwolak Agnieszka , Dudzinska Marta , Kowalczyk Mariusz

Introduction: Pituitary gland, sella turcica and parasellar region can be involved by wide variety of lesions. Diagnosis of this pathology demands a multidisciplinary effort, especially endocrinological, ophthalmologic and neurological procedures. Each of these entities has unique diagnostic and treatment considerations.Aim: Review of clinical symptoms related to sellar–parasellar region tumors and documentation of heterogeneity of clinical syndrome...

ea0014p50 | (1) | ECE2007

Prevalence of GADA and IAA in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes

Kurowska Maria , Tarach Jerzy S , Jankowska Helena , Kowalczyk Mariusz , Malicka Joanna , Nowakowski Andrzej

Little is known about the prevalence and significance of islet cell immunity in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes. The low antibody titers against islet-cell antigens in LADA elderly patients may be a sign of a less aggressive autoimmune diabetes.The objective: To establish the changing frequency and titers of GADA and IAA in elderly diabetics.Material: 83(56F;27M)diabetic patients (60–91 y) divided in age related groups. ...

ea0032p349 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Expression of adiponectin gene and adiponectin receptors in placental and adipose tissue in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Matyjaszek-Matuszek Beata , Kowalczyk Mariusz , Lagowska-Batyra Agnieszka , Gernand Wojciech , Nowakowski Andrzej , Leszczynska-Gorzelak Bozena , Kocki Janusz

Introduction: Adiponectin shows its beneficial insulin-sensitizing properties, however, women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) present hypoadiponectinemia.Aim of the study: To assess the expression of adiponectin gene as well as its AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 receptors in placenta and adipose tissue and to determine potential correlations with chosen metabolic parameters (clinical and biochemical).Patients and methods: Thirty-six ...