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ea0009p150 | Thyroid | BES2005

Antisense chemoradioimmunotherapy consisting of antiEGFscFv linked onto high energy radioisotopes,vinorelbine and 21-nucleotide double stranded siRNA targeted to DNMT1 induce apoptosis in anaplastic thyroid CCCa characterised by hypermethylated oncosuppressor Gadd45 promoter CpG islands and overexpression of bcl-2,VEGF and Raf-1

Giannios J , Lambrinos P , Michailakis E , Maragudakis E , Alexandropoulos N

Introduction:There is a great need for targeted and tailored treatment strategies in anaplastic thyroid cancer patients.The current conventional treatment strategies consisting of surgery,chemo- or radiotherapy have a palliative effect leading to short survival periods.The failure of tumor cells to undergo apoptosis may cause resistance to chemoradiological therapies due to overexpression of antiapoptotic oncogenes and transcriptionally repressed apoptotic tumour suppressor ge...

ea0009p158 | Thyroid | BES2005

Pegylated-liposomal formulation of chimeric LNA/DNA antisense oligonucleotides against DNA MeTase and vinorelbine induces apoptosis in anaplastic thyroid cancer characterised by 5'CpG island methylation of TSGs Gadd45,p53 and Rb

Giannios J , Lambrinos P , Michailakis E , Maragudakis E , Alexandropoulos N

Introduction:Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma has a very poor prognosis because it is a highly aggressive and extremely lethal human cancer with poor therapeutic responses due to intrinsic resistance to chemotherapy.One of the reasons is DNA methylation which causes silencing of tumour suppressor genes (TSGs).To improve the prognosis of patients with anaplastic thyroid Ca,a better understanding of the molecular changes involved in its pathogenesis is essential.<p class="abstex...