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ea0049oc3.4 | Receptors & Signalling | ECE2017

Treatment with thyroid hormone metabolite 3,5-T2 alters cholesterol and sex steroid metabolism in mouse liver

Lietzow Julika , Golchert Janine , Homuth Georg , Jonas Wenke , Ohlsson Claes , Landin Andreas , Poutanen Matti , Kohrle Josef

Recent findings revealed 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine (3,5-T2) as a metabolically active iodothyronine affecting hepatic energy and lipid metabolism. Therefore, 3,5-T2 has been proposed as a potential hypolipidemic agent for treatment of obesity and its hepatic aftermath. So far only limited data exists relating to the effects of 3,5-T2 on metabolism in euthyroid mammals maintained on high-fat diet from the day of weaning onwards. Therefore, we performed a study in wh...

ea0081p130 | Endocrine-Related Cancer | ECE2022

Origins of progesterone in male mice

Collden Hannah , Hagberg Thulin Malin , Landin Andreas , Norlen Anna-Karin , Ryberg Henrik , Wu Jianyao , Gustafsson Karin L , Grahnemo Louise , Nilsson Karin , Sjogren Klara , Poutanen Matti , Vandenput Liesbeth , Ohlsson Claes

The role of progesterone in male physiology is mainly unknown. We recently observed that progesterone was the most abundant sex hormone in orchiectomized (ORX) mice with most of it stored in white adipose tissue (WAT) (1). The aim of the present study was to use a sensitive and validated gas chromatography/tandem mass spectroscopy method to determine the origins of progesterone in male mice. Tissue levels of progesterone were high in adrenals of male mice, indicating that male...