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ea0097008 | Section | BES2023

Post-Hypoglycemic Hyperglycemia Are Highly Relevant Markers For Stratification Of Glycemic Variability and Remission Status Of Pediatric Patients With New-Onset Type 1 Diabetes

Antoine A Harvengt , Olivier G Polle , Manon Martin , Aline van Maanen , Laurent Gatto , Philippe A Lysy

Aims: Recently, our team introduced the concept of post-hypoglycemic hyperglycemia (PHH) in the context that recovery of hypoglycemia impacts cardiovascular risk. GLUREDIA study aimed to evaluate whether PHH parameters correlated with glycemic homeostasis during the first year after type 1 diabetes onset and helped to distinguish pediatric patients undergoing partial remission or not.Methods: In the GLUREDIA study, longi...