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ea0054is8 | (1) | NuclearReceptors2018

Direct and indirect effects of androgens on the musculoskeletal system

Claessens Frank , Michael Laurent , Dubois Vanessa , Khalil Rougin , Jardi Ferran , Vanderschueren Dirk

Global knockout models of the androgen receptor (ARKO) illustrates the many roles androgens and their receptor have in the development of male reproductive organs and the gender differences in many features like the musculoskeletal system. However, neither the global ARKO nor orchidectomy models discriminate between direct and indirect effects of androgens. To determine direct and indirect effects of androgens on muscle, we developed a muscle-specific ARKO (called satARKO for ...

ea0042oc11 | (1) | Androgens2016

Sex steroid deficiency alters renal calcium transporter expression independently of its effect on bone resorption

Khalil Rougin , Jardi Ferran , Laurent Michael , Claessens Frank , Vanderschueren Dirk , Decallonne Brigitte

It is well established that sex steroid deficiency induces bone loss, resulting in osteoporosis. Consequently, global androgen receptor knock out (ARKO) mice have trabecular and cortical osteopenia. Bone cell-specific ARKOs however, have a much less pronounced bone phenotype, suggesting that androgens have an influence on processes in other systems or organs which in turn have an impact on bone metabolism. The kidney is a likely candidate, as it plays an important role in calc...

ea0071016 | Early effects of androgen deprivation on bone and mineral homeostasis in adult men: a prospective cohort study | BES2020

Early effects of androgen deprivation on bone and mineral homeostasis in adult men: A prospective cohort study

Rougin Khalil , Leen Antonio , R. Laurent Michael , Karel David , Ri Kim Na , Pieter Evenepoel , Anton Eisenhauer , Alexander Heuser , Etienne Cavalier , Sundeep Khosla , Frank Claessens , Dirk Vanderschueren , Brigitte Decallonne

Objective: Long-term androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) negatively influences bone. The short-term effects on bone and mineral homeostasis are less known. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the early effects of ADT on calcium/phosphate homeostasis and bone turnover.Design: Prospective cohort study.Methods: Eugonadal adult male sex offenders, who were referred for ADT to the endocrine outpatient clinic, received cyproterone acetate....

ea0042oc2 | (1) | Androgens2016

Control of androgen bioactivity by sex hormone-binding globulin

Laurent Michael R , Antonio Leen , Blokland Marco H , Sterk Saskia S , Jardi Ferran , Dubois V , Kaufman Jean-Mark , Fiers Tom , Huhtaniemi Ilpo T , Hammond Geoffrey T. , Vanderschueren Dirk , Claessens Frank

Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is a high-affinity binding protein for androgens and estrogens. According to the “free hormone hypothesis”, SHBG regulates the free sex steroid fraction and restricts androgen bioactivity. SHBG has also been independently associated with diabetes, osteoporosis etc., but whether this represents causality or residual confounding remains unconfirmed. We studied mice overexpressing human SHBG. Using multiligand liquid chromatography ta...

ea0037oc2.4 | Reproduction | ECE2015

Low free testosterone is associated with hypogonadal symptoms in men with normal total testosterone levels: results from the European Male Ageing Study

Antonio Leen , Wu Frederic , O'Neill Terrence , Pye Stephen , Carter Emma , Finn Joseph , Laurent Michael , Huhtaniemi Ilpo , Rutter Martin , Rastrelli Giulia , Forti Gianni , Bartfai Gyorgy , Casanueva Felipe , Kula Krzysztof , Punab Margus , Giwercman Aleksander , Claessens Frank , Decallonne Brigitte , Vanderschueren Dirk

Background: During ageing, total testosterone (TT) declines and SHBG increases, resulting in a greater decline of free testosterone (FT) compared to TT. However, guidelines suggest using TT to diagnose androgen deficiency and to reserve FT only for men with borderline TT. We investigated if isolated low FT or isolated low TT was associated with androgen-related endpoints in healthy men.Methods: 3369 community-dwelling men, aged 40–79, were included....