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ea0029p154 | Bone & Osteoporosis | ICEECE2012

Endoscopic comparison of esophageal and gastroduodenal mucosal effects of enterocoating alendronate with calcitriol combined drug and alendronate in Korean postmenopausal women

Mok J. , Yu C. , Lee C.

Introduction: The study was a single-center, open label, randomized, head-to-head clinical study to compare the mucosal findings after perform esophagogastroduodenoscopy between two groups before and after use of alendronate only and enterocoating alendronate (5 mg) with calcitriol (0.5 μg) combined drug (Maxmarvil).Methods: The 33 postmenopausal healthy volunteers, aged 50–70 years (mean age: 58±5 years) without gastrointestinal symptoms ...

ea0026p661 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2011

Effect of amino acid residues on N-terminal extension of GLP-1/IgG-Fc fusion protein

Lee C , Boyineni J , Chung H-S , Jang S-H

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is an incretin hormone playing an important role in glucose-dependent insulin secretion and β-cell growth. However, GLP-1 is rapidly degraded by dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) in vivo. Many attempts have been made to develop long-acting GLP-1 analogs with chemical modification, amino acid substitution, and fusion protein technology. We previously showed that the N-terminal Ala- or Gly-extended GLP-1 and human immunoglobulin ...

ea0007p126 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

Improved quality of life (QOL) with normalisation of IGF-I in patients with acromegaly

Paisley A , Rowles S , Roberts M , Lee C , Trainer P

We have previously reported comparisons of ACROQOL, a disease-specific questionnaire for QOL in patients with acromegaly, with the non-disease-specific generic tools Psychological General Well-Being Schedule (PGWBS) and EUROQOL and disease-specific signs and symptoms score (SSS). ACROQOL comprises 22 questions (subdivided into physical and psychological classes, total score out of 110 quoted as percentage, higher scores = better QOL). SSS rates 5 features of acromegaly each ra...

ea0004p62 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFE2002

Cross-sectional study of Quality of Life (QOL) in patients with Acromegaly

Rowles S , Webb S , Lee C , Shalet S , Trainer P

Advances in the treatment of acromegaly mean biochemical 'cure ' should be possible in the vast majority of patients. The challenge of the future will be designing treatment algorithms to optimise outcomes for individual patients, to ensure not only life expectancy but also QOL is normalised. QOL data is lacking in acromegaly, as is a disease-specific tool for measuring QOL. ACROQOL is a disease-specific QOL questionnaire compromising 22 questions (scored 1-5, high score good)...