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ea0099p14 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2024

Improved selectivity of adrenal venous sampling with the use of alternative steroids to cortisol

Alessi Francesco , Costantinescu Georgiana , Peitzsch Mirko , Remde Hanna , Kurzinger Lydia , Schulze Manuel , Lee Myron , Yang Jun , Reinke Martin , Beuschlein Felix , Bornstein Stefan , Lenders Jacques , Pamporaki Christina , Eisenhofer Graeme

Background: Current guidelines recommend adrenal vein sampling (AVS) for the identification of surgically treatable unilateral disease among patients with primary aldosteronism (PA). The cortisol-derived selectivity index (SI) is currently used to assess the success (or selectivity) of adrenal vein catheterization during AVS. However, AVS studies can be non-selective in many cases.Aim: To examine whether the use of SI derived either from 11-deoxycortisol...

ea0099rc3.5 | Rapid Communications 3: Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | Part I | ECE2024

The saline infusion test with mass spectrometric measurements of aldosterone in patients tested for primary aldosteronism

Pamporaki Christina , Remde Hanna , Constantinescu Georgiana , Kuerzinger Lydia , Fuss Carmina Teresa , Peitzsch Mirko , Schulze Manuel , Lee Myron , Yang Jun , Mueller Lisa , Williams Tracy Ann , Reincke Martin , Gruber Sven , Beuschlein Felix , Lenders Jacques , Eisenhofer Graeme

Background: Confirmation of primary aldosteronism (PA) with the saline infusion test (SIT) requires accurate measurements of plasma aldosterone, best achieved by mass spectrometry. Performance of the test and appropriate cut-offs remain inadequately defined.Design and methods: This prospective multicenter cohort study involved 451 patients with suspected PA who underwent a seated SIT. Among these, there were 90 and 76 in whom PA was respectively confirmed and excluded based on...