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ea0092ps3-24-02 | Thyroid Eye Disease | ETA2023

Long-Term outcome of moderate-to-severe, active graves’ orbitopathy following treatment with sirolimus (Ramamycin): results in a case series

Comi Simone , Lanzolla Giulia , Cosentino Giada , Menconi Francesca , Novella Maglionico Maria , Posarelli Chiara , Leni Lorenzo , Figus Michele , Elisei Rossella , Santini Ferruccio , Marino Michele

Objectives: Sirolimus is an immunosuppressive drug with anti-fibrotic and anti-proliferative activities. In a recent study, sirolimus (given off-label as a second-line treatment) was found to be associated with a better outcome of GravesÂ’ orbitopathy (GO) at 6 months compared to the standard treatment (intravenous glucocorticoids). Here we investigated the effects of sirolimus over a longer period of time.Methods: The study design entailed data anal...