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ea0029p1553 | Steroid metabolism + action | ICEECE2012

The role of long-acting parenteral testosterone undecanoate compound (Nebid 1000 mg) in the induction of secondary sexual characteristics (SSC) in males with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH)

Giagulli V. , Triggiani V. , Corona G. , Tafaro E. , Licchelli B. , Guastamacchia E.

Testosterone (T) can induce SSC in young HH men. So far the T ester formulations have been used for inducing puberty in these patients. Moreover, it seems that the polymorphism CAG length of androgen receptor (AR-CAG) might co-regulate the effectiveness of testosterone therapy (Tth).This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Nebid (1000 mg) for SSC induction in HH men and, secondly, whether these changes might be modulated by the AR-CAG.<p clas...

ea0049gp215 | Thyroid 2 | ECE2017

Hypothyroidism and heart failure outcome: a study with a long-term follow-up

Triggiani V , Licchelli B , Rizzo C , Grande D , Terlizzese P , Leopizzi T , Gioia I , Giagulli VA , Guastamacchia E , Iacoviello M

Background: Hypothyroidism (HT) has been demonstrated to be associated to heart failure (HF) progression.Aim of the study: To evaluate the impact of HT on the progression of HF during a long-term follow-up.Methods: From 2006 to 2015, we evaluated 675 consecutive CHF outpatients (523 males, 64±13 years) in stable clinical conditions (>1 month) and in conventional therapy. They underwent a clinical evaluation, 12-lead ECG, e...

ea0029p1049 | Male Reproduction | ICEECE2012

Effectiveness of gonadotropin treatment for spermatogenesis induction in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: a possible role of androgen receptor CAG repeat polymorphism

Giagulli V. , Triggiani V. , Tafaro E. , Corona G. , Licchelli B. , Resta F. , Sabba' C. , Maggi M. , Guastamacchia E.

Prepuberal-onset HH (PRHH) and postpuberal-onset HH (PSHH) men required GnTh by means of administration of both the β human chorionic gonodadotropin (ηHCG) and the FSH to induce a complete spermatogenesis. However, the response to GnTh is always unpredictable concerning either the effectiveness or the duration of the therapy. Consequently, different studies have been carried out to identify clinical and biochemical markers that can be useful to predict the effectiven...

ea0049gp216 | Thyroid 2 | ECE2017

The correction of TSH with thyroid replacement therapy is associated with a better outcome in chronic heart failure patients

Triggiani V , Licchelli B , Grande D , Rizzo C , Terlizzese P , Giagulli VA , Lattarulo M.S , Leopizzi T , Gioia I , Guastamacchia E , Iacoviello M

Background: It has been previously demonstrated that thyroid hormone deficiency is associated with a worse outcome in patients affected by chronic heart failure (CHF). However, few data are available about the effects of thyroid replacement therapy on the prognosis of patients.Aim of the study: The aim of the study was to evaluate the relationship among thyroid replacement therapy, correction of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) serum levels and outcome ...