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ea0012p12 | Clinical case reports/Governance | SFE2006

Milk-Alkali Syndrome without milk

Kaklamanos M , Lim E , Perros P

IntroductionMilk-Alkali Syndrome is defined by the triad of hypercalcaemia, acute renal failure and metabolic alkalosis. It was first described by Sippy in 1915 after people were treated with the Sippy regimen for peptic ulcer disease.Case reportA 76 year old woman was referred to the Endocrinology Clinic after she was initially presented to the Gastroenterolgy team with altered bowel habits, hypercalcaemia (...

ea0010p93 | Thyroid | SFE2005

Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis in a caucasian man

Lim E , Ibrahim I , Quinton R

Clinical case: A 37 year-old Caucasian man was admitted with sudden onset lower limb weakness following a carbohydrate-heavy meal the night before. Pulse was 110/min, sinus rhythm, BP 167/92 mmHg. There was generalised muscle weakness, particularly in his legs, with hyporeflexia and hypotonia. There was no sensory deficit and plantar responses were downgoing. Serum K+ was 2.4 mmol/L, associated with typical ECG anomalies, and was corrected with 40 mmol intravenous KCl followed...

ea0010p9 | Clinical case reports/Governance | SFE2005

Ethics and pragmatism versus DoH guidelines: what to do?

Ibrahim I , Lim E , Coebergh J , Jenkins A , Lewis J , Mitra D , Quinton R

Clinical case: A 30-year-old Eritrean presented as an emergency to the orthopaedics surgeons with radicular back pain. Following L3/L4 spinal decompression, he was noted to be classically acromegaloid and was transferred to the Endocrine Unit, where a mild bitemporal upper quadrantinopia was noted. GH was massively elevated at 1200 mU/L, IGF1>130 nmol/L, with associated corticotroph and gonadotroph insufficiencies requiring replacement. MRI showed a large pituitary adenoma...

ea0011p85 | Clinical case reports | ECE2006

Langerhans cell histiocytosis: management dilemma for the adult endocrinologist!

Ibrahim IM , Lim E-L , Razvi S , Pearce SHS , Leach N , Quinton R , Mitra D , Wilsdon J , Baborie A , Johnson S , Burt AD , Wood K , Jones G , Windebank K , Pritchard J , Record CO , Bennett SMM

Clinical case: 24-year-old student nurse referred to the liver unit with a 6-month history of pyrexia, cognitive dysfunction and abnormal liver function tests. ERCP was normal; CT scan suggested multiple liver deposits; histology showed both fatty infiltration and focal cholangitis. Medical history included type 1 diabetes since age 7yrs; an unusual skin rash that spontaneously remitted 4 years previously; recurrent vulval ulceration, variously ascribed to candida and/or excor...