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ea0098o1 | Other | NANETS2023

Integrating advance care planning into nursing work-flow

Lister RN Michael , OCN BSN, , Adrian Cherie , Brassfield Rebecca , Lindsay NP. Sheila

Background: UCSF Cancer Center is committed to offering all patients information on Advance Directives; however, many patients do not have their wishes well-documented in their EMR. Our clinic has implemented a workflow for introducing advance care planning discussion into treatment teaching sessions. We have begun to share this workflow throughout the cancer center. Many patients in our clinic have metastatic disease and are treated for months to years by our team. It is impo...

ea0098c19 | Clinical – Nuclear Medicine/Interventional Radiology/Imaging | NANETS2023

The Impact of Post-Treatment Imaging in Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy

Yadav, MD Surekha , Lawhn-Heath, MD Courtney , Lindsay, NP Sheila , Mirro, RN Rebecca , Bergsland, MD Emily K. , A Hope, MD Thomas

Background: A small portion (11%) of radioactive decay of 177Lu involves the emission of gamma photons, allowing for post-treatment imaging. Despite this capability, most centers do not routinely conduct post-treatment imaging. It is not well recognized that qualitative findings from post-PRRT imaging can influence clinical management. The aim of this study was to evaluate the rate of change in management from post treatment imaging.Methods: 100 patients...