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ea0038oc4.4 | Diabetes and cardiometabolic complications | SFEBES2015

Hyperinsulinaemia due to inhibition of 5α-reductases is ameliorated by liver-selective glucocorticoid receptor antagonism in diet-induced obesity

Mak Tracy C S , Livingstone Dawn E W , Walker Brian R , Andrew Ruth

Background: 5α-reductase 1 (5αR1) metabolises steroids such as glucocorticoids and androgens, and is highly expressed in murine liver. Genetic disruption of 5αR1 leads to adverse metabolic changes in mice. We hypothesised that dutasteride, a 5αR inhibitor, induces insulin resistance in mice, as in humans, and this effect is underpinned by increased hepatic glucocorticoid action; an experimental paradigm was set up using A-348441, a liver-selective glucocort...