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ea0031p184 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2013

Effects of vitamin D supplementation on blood pressure, glucocorticoids and cardiovascular risk markers in healthy subjects

Al-dujaili Emad , Giudice Veronica , Fyfe Lorna , Kita Joanna

Background: Recently, vitamin D has received an enormous attention, primarily at the public health level due to its numerous biological effects. It has been suggested that vitamin D deficiency may adversely affect blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. The aim of this project was to determine the possible effects and association between vitamin D intake, blood pressure, glucocorticoids and CVD risk factors.Methods: Two pilot studies have been carr...

ea0020p470 | Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2009

Effects of green tea consumption on blood pressure, total cholesterol, body weight and fat in healthy volunteers

Al-Dujaili Emad , Bradley Jon-Paul , Almoosawi Suzana , Fyfe Lorna

Background: Hypertension, obesity and hyperlipidemia are key interlinked features of both metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies have suggested that green tea may reduce blood pressure by activating endothelial nitric oxide synthase and reducing total cholesterol by disrupting the production of apo B and synthesis of chylomicrons and thus have cardio-protective effects. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the effects of increasing the consum...