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ea0035p901 | Pituitary Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2014

How to get surgical remission rates in ACTH-microadenomas close to 100% using minimally invasive approaches for diagnosis and surgery

Ludecke Dieter K , Crock Patricia A , Saeger Wolfgang

Introduction: Pharmacological treatments are still not ideal in ACTH-microadenomas and transnasal-trans-sphenoidal surgery (TSS) is first choice in the treatment of Cushing’s disease (CD). The question is how can a nearly 100% remission rate be achieved with minimally invasive diagnostic testing and TSS. In the discussion of the main lecture from an expert from the USA in ECE13, it became clear that in many European centres, like ours, the procedures are less invasive. Th...

ea0016p136 | Clinical cases | ECE2008

Tumors of the clivus: various entities requiring different therapies

Flitsch Jorg , Matschke Jakob , Ludecke Dieter K

Introduction: Besides an incidental finding on MRI, headache, cranial nerve palsy, or pituitary insufficiency may lead to the diagnosis of a clivus tumor. Hormone secreting pituitary adenomas mimicking a clivus tumor can be easily identified by hormone testing, however, have to be considered prior to surgical procedures.Methods: Within the last 3 years, 9 patients were transferred to us with the diagnosis of a clivus tumor for surgical therapy.<p cla...

ea0063p668 | Interdisciplinary Endocrinology 1 | ECE2019

Neuroendocrine effects of stereotactic hypothalamotomy in humans

Ludecke Dieter K , Crock Patricia A , Muller Emeritus Dieter

Stereotactic hypothalamotomy in the treatment of morbid sexual deviation was first performed by Prof. Dr. Fritz Roeder 1966 in Univ. Göttingen and installed in University Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) by Neuropathologist Dr. Dieter Müller (DM) in the late 1970s. Dr. Dieter Lüdecke (DKL) agreed with Prof. Herrmann, Director of Neurosurgery, to give the Professor position to DM to join the Unit. It was known that the sex behaviour centre in the ventromedial nucleus of C...

ea0049gp176 | Pituitary | ECE2017

Minimally Invasive Diagnosis and Direct Transnasal Surgery: a single centre series of 100 children with Cushing’s Disease with long term follow-up

Crock Patricia , Ludecke Dieter K , Knappe Ulrich , Flitsch Joerg , Saeger Wolfgang

Introduction: Trans-sphenoidal surgery (TSS) with minimally invasive techniques is the first choice in the treatment of paediatric Cushing’s disease (CD). The question is how can high remission rates be achieved with less invasive investigations and TSS. The developments in our centre treating 100 pediatric Cushing patients with long-term follow-up may add some helpful ideas.Material and methods: Data from our first series 1 (n=55) will be ...

ea0032p930 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

A rare case of pituitary infarction in an 11-year-old pre-pubertal girl with pituitary autoantibodies to piccolo

Crock Patricia , Maltby Vicki , Smith Casey J A , Bensing Sophie , Ludecke Dieter K , Kampe Olle

Introduction: Generously supported by IPSEN)-->Pituitary infarction is rare in the paediatric age. In adolescents and adults it is often secondary to haemorrhage into an underlying lesion such as pituitary adenoma or cyst. Lymphocytic hypophysitis is rare in children and usually peri-tumoral due to germinoma, craniopharyngioma or Rathke’s cyst and often associated with hypopituitarism and diabetes insipidus.<p class="abstext...

ea0022p248 | Clinical case reports and clinical practice | ECE2010

Tertiary hypercorticotropinism and Cushing's disease secondary to impaired 21-hydroxylation

Haase Matthias , Cox Theresa , Kaminski Elke , Ludecke Dieter K , Saeger Wolfgang , Fritzen Reimar , Schott Matthias , Scherbaum Werner A , Willenberg Holger S

Autonomy of ACTH secretion has been described in patients with chronic dysinhibition of ACTH secretion. We here present the very unusual case of a 31-year old female patient who had congenital adrenal hyperplasia and developed Cushing’s disease, including clinical examinations, laboratory data, endocrine function tests, histological and genetic analyses.The affected patient had clinical signs and a typical history of hypercortisolism. Endocrine func...

ea0014p167 | (1) | ECE2007

Predictive value of pituitary histology on clinical outcome in acromegaly: a retrospective cohort study

Steffin Birgit , Saeger Wolfgang , Quabbe Hans-Jürgen , Petersenn Stephan , Ludecke Dieter K , Honegger Jürgen , Buchfelder Michael , Reincke Martin

Immunohistochemistry is commonly performed on tumour specimen obtained during transsphenoidal surgery, but its predictive value for clinical outcome is largely unknown. The aim of this study was to compare clinical and biochemical outcome characteristics after surgery with histological tumour properties. This was achieved by matching data from the German Acromegaly Register with those of the Pituitary Tumour Registry of the German pituitary working group. From 285 out of 1543 ...