Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0007p139 | Growth and development | BES2004

Transdermal testosterone application: pharmacokinetics and effects on pubertal status, short-term growth and bone turnover

Ahmed S , Mayo A , Macintyre H , Wallace A

Aim - To assess the effect of transdermal testosterone (TT) on free testosterone concentrations in saliva and on short-term growth and bone turnover in boys with growth or pubertal delay.Method - Prospective, randomized, cross-over study over 26 weeks with 4 weeks of Run-In, 8 weeks of Treatment I (8 hours/12 hours), 4 weeks of Wash-Out, 8 weeks of Treatment II (8 hours/12 hours) and 4 weeks of final Wash-Out.Main Outcome Measures ...

ea0009p51 | Growth and development | BES2005

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) method for Salivary Testosterone: Reference ranges in children, adult men and adult women

Teoh Y , Macintyre H , Ahmed F , Wallace M

BackgroundThere is a need to develop a highly sensitive and reliable immunoassay method for the determination of testosterone concentrations both in children and adults. Testosterone in blood is largely bound to proteins (sex hormone binding globulin and albumin). The unbound fraction of testosterone is considered to be the biologically active hormone which correlates more closely with the physiologically effective level of this hormone. It is postulated...

ea0027p10 | (1) | BSPED2011

A longitudinal study of pubertal growth in inflammatory bowel disease

Mason A , Russell R K , Bishop J , McGrogan P , MacIntyre H E , Ahmed SF

Background: Delayed puberty and related problems with growth and body image in Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) have rarely been quantified.Methods: A longitudinal prospective observational study of children with IBD who had anthropometric and puberty data at 0 and 6 months. Of 50 recruited, there were 15 boys (CDM) and 20 girls (CDF) with CD and ten boys (UCM) and five girls (UCF) with UC. The four groups had a median age at 0 month...

ea0009p143 | Steroids | BES2005

Salivary testosterone measurement for monitoring treatment of children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)

Perry R , Mayo A , Deeb A , MacIntyre H , Wallace A , Hughes I , Ahmed S

Biochemical assessment of control of CAH includes measurement of adrenal-derived androgens in blood. Some androgens like 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17OHP) have a diurnal rhythm and show a widespread of values in well controlled children. Testosterone in children (except pubertal boys) may be useful in monitoring control as it may reflect the potential for androgen action better than weaker androgens. Our salivary testosterone (SalT) assay measures free testosterone and is sensiti...

ea0023p23 | (1) | BSPED2009

The Androgen Status Of Young Women With Premature Ovarian Failure Depends On The Female Sex Steroid Replacement Regimen

Mason A , Wallace M A , MacIntyre H , Teoh P Y , Bath L E , Critchley H O , Kelnar C J H , Wallace H W B , Ahmed S F

Aims: To compare the effect of a standard Sex Steroid Regimen (sSSR) with a physiological SSR (pSSR) on androgen status in young women with premature ovarian failure (POF).Patient Population: Seven women with POF were evaluated for the study. The median age was 28 years (range 21–36) and the median duration of ovarian failure was 14 years (range 4–25).Methods: An open label randomised, controlled, crossover study over 28 ...