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ea0007s33 | Joint BES and EFES symposium: Neuroactive steroids: implications for disease and healthy ageing | BES2004

Oestrogen and stroke: the potential for harm as well as benefit

Macrae I

The hormone oestrogen is reported to be the most widely prescribed drug worldwide through its use in the contraceptive pill and in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Oestrogen and HRT has been widely prescribed for prevention of osteoporosis and relief of menopausal symptoms. However, as women age, their risk of stroke and heart disease also increases, particularly after the menopause. The effects of oestrogen on stroke risk and on the ischaemic brain are complex and still not...

ea0031oc3.4 | Reproduction, growth and development | SFEBES2013

Characterising changes in the in vivo male rodent brain using magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Rodie Martina , Welsh Michelle , Holmes William , Gallagher Lindsay , Mullin James , McMillan Martin , Macrae I Mhairi , Ahmed S Faisal

Background: By providing a non-invasive, functional insight into brain chemistry, MRS has the potential to provide objective longitudinal data on mammalian brain development.Aims: To assess the sexual dimorphism in rodent brain chemistry and development using in vivo MRS.Methods: 26 (19 males) Sprague–Dawley rats were scanned at 6 weeks and 12 male rats at 10 weeks using a 7T MRI scanner. Testosterone concentrations w...