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ea0022p235 | Clinical case reports and clinical practice | ECE2010

Carbimazole induced neutropenia: are we too cautious?

Smith Robert , Saraf Sanjay , Madhusudana Kattepura , Katreddy Mahesh , Ashawesh Khaled

Carbimazole is a commonly used antithyroid drug with a rare but potentially life-threatening side effect of agranulocytosis. We present a case of a 47-year-old lady who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism four years previously and treated with carbimazole despite persistent neutropenia.At diagnosis the patient had clinical features of hyperthyroidism and thyroid function test (TFT) showed free T4 40.8 pmol/l (10.6–21.0), free T3...

ea0022p236 | Clinical case reports and clinical practice | ECE2010

Carbimazole pseudo-resistance: two case reports

Madhusudana Kattepura , Saraf Sanjay , Smith Robert , Katreddy Mahesh , Ashawesh Khaled

Introduction: Weight gain following treatment of hyperthyroidism is well recognised. This may lead to compliance problems both in patients with/without eating disorders and subsequent failure of therapy. We describe two cases where this was successfully managed with supervised in-patient therapy.Case 1: A 30-year-old overweight lady was diagnosed with Grave’s disease following childbirth. Thyroid function test (TFT) at initiation of treatment showed...