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ea0056gp190 | Pituitary / Growth Hormone ' IGF Axis | ECE2018

Insulin sensitivity improves after disease control in acromegaly irrespective of treatment modality and despite an increase in intrahepatic lipid content: data from an investigator-initiated prospective trial

Arlien-Soborg Mai C , Dal Jakob , Madsen Michael , Hogild Morten , Jessen Niels , Jorgensen Jens Otto Lunde

Background: Active acromegaly induces insulin resistance despite a lean phenotype, both of which reverse by curative surgery. The impact of somatostatin analogue treatment on insulin sensitivity is less certain and may be offset by its anti-lipogenic effects.Aim: To study insulin sensitivity, body composition and extopic lipid content in newly diagnosed patients with acromegaly before and ≥6 months after successful surgical or medical treatment.</p...

ea0063oc3.4 | Cushing's and acromegaly | ECE2019

Restoration of basal glucose turnover after disease control in acromegaly depends on treatment modality: a prospective, investigator-initiated trial

Arlien-Soborg Mai C , Dal Jakob , Madsen Michael , Hogild Morten , Hjelholt Astrid , Jessen Niels , Moller Niels , Otto Lunde Jorgensen Jens

Background: Growth Hormone (GH) reversibly suppresses insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle, but less is known about GH effects on glucose metabolism in the basal state. Somatostatin suppresses GH as well as insulin, and may also exert direct effects in skeletal muscle. This may have therapeutic implications in the treatment of acromegalic patients with a somatostatin analogue (SA).Aim: To study basal and insulin-stimulated glucose metabol...

ea0081p657 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Ectopic lipid deposition and insulin resistance in patients with GH disorders before and after treatment

C. Arlien-Soborg Mai , Alle Madsen Michael , Dal Jakob , Krusenstjerna-Hafstrom Thomas , Ringgaard Steffen , Skou Nickolaj , Lyng Hogild Morten , Otto Jorgensen Jens

Background: Insulin resistance as part of the metabolic syndrome is associated with ectopic lipid deposition. Growth hormone (GH) status also modulates ectopic lipid accumulation but how this associates with insulin resistance in patients with GH disorders is not well established.Aim: To study body composition, ectopic lipid deposition and insulin sensitivity in acromegaly and adult GH-deficiency before and after treatment.Subjects...