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ea0026p675 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2011

UK National Exenatide Guidelines (NICE:CG87) compared to clinical outcomes at a district general hospital's diabetes department

Hughes D , Butterworth H , Mahto R

Objectives: The aim of the audit was to determine how our current clinical practice differs from that of the national standard set out in the UK by NICE guidance CG87 in regards to the use of exenatide.Material and methods: We measured weight and HbA1c at baseline and then again at 6 months from the date exenatide was started. The UK NICE guidelines recommends exenatide should only be considered in patients with a BMI≥35.0 kg/m2 with a H...

ea0011p163 | Clinical case reports | ECE2006

Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia (FHH) caused by P748L mutation in the calcium sensing receptor (CaSR) gene

Mahto R , Tahrani A , Macleod A , Thakker RV

Objective: To describe a novel mutation of the calcium sensing receptor gene (CaSR) in a family diagnosed with familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia (FHH).Case history: A 62 year old man being investigated for short term memory loss was referred to us by GP for hypercalcemia found on routine blood tests. He was asymptomatic otherwise. Repeat blood tests revealed serum calcium high at 2.88 mmol/l, inorganic phosphate of 0.75 mmol/l, and normal serum PTH of...