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ea0056mte5 | (1) | ECE2018

Medullary thyroid cancer beyond surgery

Maia Ana Luiza

Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is a rare thyroid C cell malignant tumor that accounts for 3-4% of thyroid gland neoplasias. MTC may occur sporadically or be inherited. Hereditary MTC appears as part of the MEN 2 syndrome. Germ-line mutations of the RET proto-oncogene cause hereditary cancer, whereas somatic mutations are frequently present in sporadic disease. Currently, early MTC diagnosis followed by total thyroidectomy offers the only possibility of the cure of the disea...

ea0056gp245 | Thyroid Cancer - Translational | ECE2018

Dynamic risk stratification in the follow-up of children and adolescents with differentiated thyroid cancer

Scheffel Rafael Selbach , Zanella Andre Borsatto , Nava Carla Fernanda , Golbert Lenara , de Souza Meyer Erika Laurini , Punales Marcia , Goncalves Iracema , Dora Jose Miguel , Maia Ana Luiza

Context: Risk stratification for persistent disease is an important step in pediatric differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) management. The dynamic risk stratification (DRS) is a well validated system for adults, but not yet for children and adolescents.Objective: To evaluate DRS performance and other prognostic factors in pediatric DTC.Design: Cohort study.Setting: Four DTC referral centers at tertiary teachin...