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ea0054is3 | (1) | NuclearReceptors2018

Nuclear receptors, transcriptional enhancers, and gene regulation

Franco Hector L , Murakami Shino , Hou Tim Y , Vasquez Yasmin M , Liu Ziying , Nagari Anusha , Malladi Venkat S , Nandu Tulip , Kraus W Lee

Transcriptional enhancers, which function as nucleation sites for the assembly of transcription-regulating complexes across the genome, drive cell type-specific patterns of gene expression that underlie the distinct biological properties of different cell types. Although many features of active enhancers (e.g., H3K4me1, H3K27ac, enrichment of p300/CBP and Mediator, and enhancer RNA production) have been defined by genomic assays, the roles of these features in ERĪ± enhance...