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ea0022s23.1 | Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic intervention | ECE2010

Obesity: clinical manifestations and therapeutic: does the choice of diet make any difference?

Mantzoros Christos

Different diets have been used clinically and/or have been rigorously assessed in the context of clinical trials in the past several years. Relative efficacy in terms of weight loss and improvement of cardiovascular outcomes will be presented. In addition, recent data have emerged on the role of leptin in mediating the neuroendocrine response to long-term caloric derivation and will also be presented along with novel data on leptin resistance. Leptin, alone or in combination w...

ea0056gh1 | The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2018

Geoffrey Harris Award

Mantzoros Christos

My research focuses on the interplay of brain and adipose tissue and the elucidation of the physiology, diagnostic, and therapeutic utility of adipokines and myokines. We defined the central role these compounds play in normal physiology and pathophysiology of several diseases in humans, with the notion that such investigations will eventually lead to new treatments for metabolic and cardiovascular disease. We have also studied in-depth the role of leptin in the brain, definin...

ea0041ep785 | Obesity | ECE2016

Interventional changes of thyroid hormone levels do not affect circulating irisin levels in humans

Panagiotou Grigorios , Pazaitou-Panayiotou Kalliopi , Komninou Despina , Paschou Stavroula A. , Kalogeris Nikolaos , Vryonidou Andromachi , Mantzoros Christos S.

Introduction: Thyroid hormones and irisin increase energy expenditure and induce browning of adipose tissue. However, little is known about irisin physiology and regulation. Here we aim to elucidate whether thyroid hormones alter circulating irisin concentrations in humans.Design and subjects: One cross-sectional (case-control) evaluation and two interventions were performed independently from each other, including previously thyroidectomized patients. C...