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ea0041ep684 | Female Reproduction | ECE2016

Usefulness of dynamic Tsh evaluation for diagnosis of subclinical hypothyroidism in luteal deficiency

Mancini Antonio , Giacchi Elena , Saporosi Aurora , Olivieri Giulio , Di Segni Chantal , Marana Riccardo , Pontecorvi Alfredo

Introduction: It is known that thyroid disorders can influence menstrual cycle, but subclinical hypothyroidism (SH), as cause of ovulation disorders and luteal deficiency (LD) in particular,is underestimated. Monitoring women’s cycles, according to the Billings Ovulation Method (BOM), can allow a precise timing for hormonal evaluation and diagnose LD. Usually, a basal TSH value of 2.5 mg/ml is considered as cut-off for a good luteal function, but alone cannot identify all...

ea0022p542 | Male reproduction | ECE2010

Initial characterization of the human seminal plasma proteome in a fertile normogonadic man by top-down strategy

Milardi Domenico , Vincenzoni Federica , Grande Giuseppe , Antonella Giampietro , Pontecorvi Alfredo , Castagnola Massimo , De Marinis Laura , Marana Riccardo

Human seminal plasma contains a large array of proteins required for the normal physiology of spermatozoa and fertilization. To provide informations about the physiological mechanisms of male fertility we performed proteomic studies on human seminal plasma by a top-down approach. A semen sample was collected in a fertile normospermic man (sperm concentration 60×106 per ml; progressive motility 58%; normal morphology 45%). Hormonal blood assay was performed: tes...

ea0035p658 | Female reproduction | ECE2014

High resolution mass spectrometry to study hormonal regulation of cervical mucus proteome during the menstrual cycle

Milardi Domenico , Grande Giuseppe , Vincenzoni Federica , Pompa Giuseppina , Astorri Anna Laura , Fruscella Erika , Biscione Antonella , Messana Irene , Pontecorvi Alfredo , De Marinis Laura , Castagnola Massimo , Marana Riccardo

The chemical composition of the cervical mucus (CM), its physical characteristics and the volume secreted show cyclical changes during the menstrual cycle.Clinical proteomics has recently developed new technologies and bioinformatics useful in identifying molecular markers of physiology and pathology. The development of novel mass spectrometers, like the LTQ-Orbitrap, considerably contributed to increase the quantity of acquired data. Aim of the present ...

ea0056gp128 | Female Reproduction | ECE2018

Low-dose SKA Progesterone and Interleukin-10 modulate the inflammatory pathway in endometriotic cell lines

Mancini Francesca , Milardi Domenico , Carfagna Piero , Grande Giuseppe , Miranda Vincenzo , De Cicco Nardone Alessandra , Ricciardi Domenico , Pontecorvi Alfredo , Marana Riccardo , De Cicco Nardone Fiorenzo

Endometriosis is a chronic gynecological inflammatory disease characterized by the presence of functional endometrial glands and stroma outside of the uterine cavity. It affects 7–10% of women of reproductive age, up to 50% of women with infertility and up to 60% of women with dysmenorrhea. The aim of this pre-clinical study was evaluate the efficacy of low-dose SKA Progesterone (GUNA) and low-dose SKA IL-10 (GUNA) in the modulation of the inflammatory response in endomet...