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ea0014s10.3 | GH and prolactin at their targets | ECE2007

Gene expression profiling of the antiangiogenic factor 16K human prolactin (hPRL) on endothelial cells underlines the key role of NF-κB and reveals novel mechanisms of action

Tabruyn Sébastien , Sabatel Céline , Nguyen Ngoc-Quynh-Nhu , Verhaeghe Catherine , Castermans Karolien , Malvaux Ludovic , Griffioen Arjan , Martial Joseph , Struman Ingrid

The 16-kDa N-terminal fragment of human prolactin (16K hPRL) is a potent angiostatic factor described to prevent tumor growth in mouse models. Using microarray experiments, we have dissected how the endothelial-cell genome responds to 16K hPRL treatment. Of the 23.000 transcripts present on the chips, 210 are regulated by 16K hPRL. Bio-informatic analysis and experiments performed on endothelial cells with various chemical inhibitors clearly suggest that NF-κB is crucial ...