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ea0011p431 | Endocrine disruptors | ECE2006

Extracts of black cohosh (Actaea racemosa) inhibit growth of MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells and dose-dependently inhibit oestrone sulphatase activity

Whitehead SA , Kotalla C , Rice S , Mason HD

Extracts of black cohosh (BCE) are frequently used as an alternative to conventional HRT to treat menopausal symptoms, particularly in Germany and the United States. In fact, BCE is the 14th most popular herbal product in the US and in 2003 sales were at least $15.7 million. Evidence for an increased incidence of breast cancer in long-term users of HRT has reduced its use and may increase the use of alternative treatments. These still require rigorous scientific investigation,...

ea0008p78 | Reproduction | SFE2004

Androgens inhibit atresia and retard early development of ovarian follicles: a model for PCOS?

Qureshi AI , Bano G , Whitehead S , Nussey SS , Mason HD

BackgroundPCOS is the commonest endocrinopathy in women. PCO are typified by increased ovarian follicles. The aetiology is unknown, but may be due either to enhanced follicular growth, reduced atresia, or both. Hyperandrogenism is almost universal either clinically or biochemically and in primates and sheep androgen excess in-utero produces ovaries phenotypically identical to those in PCOS. There have been no analyses of the effects of androgens on early...