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ea0059p076 | Clinical practice, governance & case reports | SFEBES2018

Outcomes of endoscopic surgical intervention for acromegaly – the Wessex experience

Curtis Louise , Mathad N , Chakraborty Aabir , Brewster Sarah , Millar Kate , Parsad Meenakshi , Al-Mrayat Ma'en

Background: Transsphenoidal surgery is the primary therapy in majority of Acromegaly patients with GH-secreting somatotroph adenomas. Reported outcomes of surgery show an initial remission rate of 40–50% for macroadenomas and >85% for microadenomas. Rates of hypopituitarism following endoscopic pituitary decompression vary between 5 and 25%. Invasion of cavernous sinus indicates the tumour is unlikely to be resectable.Methods: We audited the res...