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ea0028p97 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2012

Unusual presentation, multi speciality effort and excellent outcome – A case of ovarian carcinoid

Mathew Anna , Katreddy Venkata , Buch Harit

Carcinoid tumours are the commonest neuroendocrine tumours (50%), with a prevalence of 3–5/100,000. 10% present with carcinoid syndrome due to release of kinins and serotonin, released directly from the tumour in to the blood or due to liver metastases. Carcinoid heart disease due to ovarian carcinoid is extremely rare. Here we present such a case. A 69 year old female presented to surgeons with increased bowel frequency and weight loss. Blood tests, colonoscopy and biops...

ea0028p105 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2012

Diagnostic dilemmas in patients presenting with large adrenal masses – 2 case reports

Mathew Anna , Kennedy Amy , Basu Ansu , De Parijat

The presentation of a patient with an adrenal tumour often causes diagnostic difficulty for the endocrinologist. Adrenal tumours are rare occurrences, particularly when large in size. We present two cases, where large adrenal tumours were found in inpatients on CT scanning and discuss the difficulties which arose in each case when attempting to obtain a definitive diagnosis. Case 1 A 38 year old Bangladeshi woman was being investigated for fevers, sweats and pancytopaenia. She...