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ea0070ep264 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2020

Hearing complications in diabetes – A clinical case

Ivo Catarina , Duarte Vitória , Veríssimo David , Silva João , Costa Eurico , Lopes Luís , Passos Dolores , Matos Teresa , Jácome de Castro João , Marcelino Mafalda

Introduction: Malignant or necrotizing external otitis (MEO) is an invasive infection between external auditory canal and skull base. It is more frequent in elderly and in diabetic patients or with compromised immune system. As MEO advance osteomyelitis can developed. It is a severe and potential mortal complication of external otitis (EO).Clinical case: 78 years old man with history of type2 diabetes (good metabolic control) and right ear external otiti...