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ea0088004 | Abstracts | BES2022

Understanding pathogenic mechanisms and identifying therapeutic avenues in MEHMO syndrome using patient’s induced pluripotent stem cells

Hadis Shakeri , Izzet Mehmet Akcay , Mayank Bansal , Ying Cai , Chiara Vinci , Nathalie Pachera , Hanne Willems , Federica Fantuzzi , Yue Tong , Daniela Gasperikova , Miriam Cnop

Background and aims: MEHMO is an X-linked syndrome comprising Mental retardation, Epilepsy, Hypogenitalism, Microcephaly and Obesity. It is caused by a damaging p.Ile465Serfs frameshift mutation in EIF2S3 that encodes the □ subunit of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2), essential for protein synthesis and regulation of the integrated stress response. Patients with this EIF2S3 mutation also have neonatal hypoglycemia, early onset insulin-...