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ea0007p294 | Clinical case reports | BES2004

Ectopic ACTH syndrome presenting with epistaxis and hypertension: a case report

McLaughlin D , Kassim S , Leslie H , McCance D

A 59 year old man was admitted with epistaxis. Blood pressure on admission was 213/110 mmHg. Past medical history included hypertension (3 years) and a cerebrovascular accident 5 years previously. Drug therapy included an ACE inhibitor, beta-blocker and thiazide diuretic. He denied thirst, polyuria or weight loss. He was an ex-smoker. On examination he was not Cushingoid. There were no diabetic complications.On block analysis potassium was 2.2mmol/l and ...

ea0003p23 | Clinical Case Reports | BES2002

Glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism. A Northern Ireland experience

McLaughlin D , Harper R , Inglis G , Connell J , Sheridan B , Atkinson A

Glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism (GRA) was first described in 1966 by Sutherland et ala. In this family, aldosterone secretion was regulated by ACTH and symptoms and signs were reversed by the administration of exogenous glucocorticoid. GRA is usually characterised by moderate to severe hypertension with early onset. The hypertension is often difficult to control and is associated with greatly increased vascular risk. It is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait and ...

ea0003p96 | Diabetes & Metabolism | BES2002

Effectiveness of a weight management programme in a hospital staff setting

O'|#Connell J , Robinson D , McLaughlin A , Stuart B , Orsmond E , O'|#Shea D

Members of a hospital staff (n=332) were invited to complete a survey outlining dietary and lifestyle behaviour, and indicate if they were interested in a weight management programme. Height and weight were measured and body mass index (BMI) was calculated, in all respondents.Two hundred and sixty (78%) staff members responded, 60 males (23.1%) and 200 females (76.9%). The mean age of respondents was 36.5 yrs (35.8yrs males, 36.7yrs female). The mean bo...