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ea0066p80 | Thyroid | BSPED2019

Incomplete isosexual precocious puberty with macroadenoma: a rare presentation of primary hypothyroidism (Van Wyk-Grumbach Syndrome)

Mehta Sonalika , Rajvanshi Nikhil , Verma Prashant Kumar

Introduction: Precocious puberty occurs is associated with initial increase in linear growth and acceleration of bone maturity presenting as advanced bone age with early epiphyseal fusion which ultimately results in short stature. ‘Van Wyk Grumbach Syndrome’ (VWGS) is a rare syndrome associated with incomplete isosexual precocious puberty and macroadenoma seen in cases of longstanding, untreated hypothyroidism is associated with a delayed bone age. Complete resolutio...

ea0066p74 | Pituitary | BSPED2019

STAT5B missense variant causing growth hormone deficiency with subclinical hypothyroidism and immune deficiency in a 13-year-old female: a case report

Verma Prashant Kumar , Mehta Sonalika , Chacham Swathi , Bhat Nowneet Kumar

Introduction: STAT5 proteins are components of the common growth hormone and interleukin-2 family of cytokine signaling pathway which is a critical molecule involved in growth hormone receptor (GHR) signal transduction, mediating the growth-promoting actions of the GHR. In addition to its role in GHR signal transduction, STAT5B is also involved in the immune system as an important mediator of interleukin-2 action and disruption of this signal transduction is responsible for T-...