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ea0016p159 | Clinical cases | ECE2008

How the workup of low renin hypertension lead to the diagnosis of SIADH

Kolentini Chara , Morgenthaler Nils , Mertes Gerhard , Cupisti Angela , Schott Matthias , Scherbaum Werner A , Willenberg Holger S

A patient was referred to us because he had hypokalemic hypertension and no detectable blood concentrations of renin and aldosterone. In addition, this patient had an adrenal mass. Since he was hyponatremic, he was put on fludrocortisone.At presentation, we found that the patient was normonatremic and hypokalemic and had a high sodium to urinary sodium to potassium to urinary potassium (SUSPUP) ratio. But review of older laboratory results showed an inad...