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ea0081s16.2 | Tools for fracture risk assessment, and how to use them | ECE2022

Bone microstructure - What techniques are there, what do they tell us

Messina Carmelo

Areal BMD from Dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry (DXA) accounts for approximately two-thirds of bone strength and is used as a surrogate for bone strength in clinical practice to predict fracture risk. Nevertheless, a more in-depth assessment of bone quality requires second level imaging techniques to assess bone quality parameters. Bone quality is a key parameter in determining bone strength. During time, several non-invasive high-resolution imaging techniques have been develo...

ea0073aep104 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Evaluation of bone quality by dxa-based bone strain index in primary hyperparathyroidism

Tabacco Gaia , Naciu Anda Mihaela , Messina Carmelo , Rinaudo Luca , Cesareo Roberto , Falcone Stefania , Manfrini Silvia , Napoli Nicola , Bilezikian John , Ulivieri Fabio Massimo , Palermo Andrea

BackgroudPrimary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is associated with impaired bone quality and increased fracture risk. Reliable tools for the evaluation of bone quality parameters are not yet clinically available. Bone Strain Index (BSI) is a new metric for bone strength based on Finite Element Analysis from lumbar spine and femoral neck dual X-ray absorptiometry images.AimTo assess the lumbar spine (LS), femoral ...