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ea0041gp122 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2016

Lipid content and ATP metabolism in the liver of patients with acromegaly

Winhofer Yvonne , Wolf Peter , Smajis Sabina , Krssak Martin , Gajdosik Martin , Micko Alexander , Wolfsberger Stefan , Knosp Engelbert , Vila Greisa , Raber Wolfgang , Trattnig Siegfried , Luger Anton , Krebs Michael

We have recently shown that patients with growth hormone (GH) excess (acromegaly) exhibit inadequately low intrahepatic lipid content (IHL) despite marked insulin resistance. GH might increase mitochondrial oxidation capacity thereby counteracting ectopic lipid accumulation; however, up-regulation of mitochondrial function has been reported in early stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Up to now, data on mitochondrial activity in patients with acromegaly are missing.</...

ea0070aep616 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Prevalence, predictors and outcomes of acute, life-threatening and perioperative complications in cushing’s syndrome

Schernthaner-Reiter Marie Helene , Siess Christina , Micko Alexander , Wolfsberger Stefan , Scheuba Christian , Riss Philipp , Knosp Engelbert , Kautzky-Willer Alexandra , Luger Anton , Vila Greisa

Introduction: Cushing’s syndrome is associated with significant chronic and acute complications including acute thromboembolic and cardiovascular events. We aimed to study the prevalence and predictors of acute and perioperative complications in patients with active Cushing’s syndrome.Methods: The prevalence, predictors and outcomes of acute, life-threatening and perioperative complications were evaluated in a cohort of patients with active b...