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ea0009oc19 | Oral Communication 3: Neuroendocrinology | BES2005

The nadir growth hormone after an octreotide test dose predicts the long term efficacy of somatostatin analogue therapy in acromegaly

Gilbert J , Miell J , Chambers S , McGregor A , Aylwin S

Treatment of acromegaly aims primarily to reverse the increased mortality and morbidity associated with active disease to that of the non-acromegalic population. Recent evidence indicates that the best biochemical criteria for successful treatment should be a mean GH<2micrograms per litre (approximately 4milliunits per litre). Although a 'test dose' of octreotide (OTD) is recommended prior to use of depot somatostatin analogues (SSAs), there remains no consensus regarding t...

ea0029p1571 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

An audit and patient satisfaction survey of the telephone endocrine clinic at University Hospital Lewisham, London

Mustafa O. , Gan J. , Evans K. , Mohandas C. , Miell J.

Introduction: The telephone endocrine clinic (TEC) was established as an adjunct to the face-to-face endocrine clinic to follow and monitor the progress in a selected group of patients after they were seen in main endocrine clinics. This model of care has been tried successfully in other specialities but not as widespread in endocrinology. We audited the effectiveness of TEC and patient satisfaction. Methods: A retrospective analysis of records of all patients contacted in TEC...

ea0011p213 | Comparative endocrinology | ECE2006

Retrospective study of usefulness of Sestamibi scan in primary hyperparathyroidism

John K , Blackburn S , Miell J , Diaz C

Background and Aims: Primary Hyperparathyroidism is fairly common and the diagnosis is established by demonstrating raised blood parathormone levels in the presence of hypercalcemia. Sestamibi scan is an investigation used primarily to identify the offending gland which would help in surgery. The aim of this study was to assess the usefulness of sestamibi scan in Primary Hyperparathyroidism.Method: Case notes for patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism...

ea0005p140 | Endocrine Tumours and Neoplasia | BES2003

Pituitary irradiation for recurrent steroid-responsive hypophysitis in three patients

Coyle F , Beaney R , Miell J , Bullock P , Al-Sarraj S , McGregor A , Aylwin S

We have evaluated the effectiveness of radiotherapy in three patients with recurrent symptomatic hypophysitis following surgical decompression.Case 1(54 F); presented with diabetes insipidus, hypopituitarism and a large hypophyseal mass. Following trans-sphenoidal surgery (TSS), a diagnosis of xanthomatous hypophysitis was made. Two years later severe headaches returned, and despite a second trans-sphenoidal procedure, visual acuity further deteriorated in the left eye...

ea0005p148 | Endocrine Tumours and Neoplasia | BES2003

A TSH response to a single octreotide test dose predicts a long term response to somatostatin analogue therapy in patients with a TSH-secreting pituitary adenoma

Bingham E , Alcock C , Miell J , Harris P , McGregor A , Aylwin S

Introduction: TSH secreting pituitary adenomas (TSHomas) are often large and locally invasive. Following trans-sphenoidal surgery (TSS) patients frequently require adjuvant treatment with either anti-thyroid medication or somatostatin analogue therapy.Objective: To evaluate the value of a single subcutaneous octreotide test dose in predicting the the response to long term treatment in 5 patients with TSHomas.Methods: Five consecutive patients presenting 2000-02 were ev...