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ea0022p258 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2010

De novo cholesterol synthesis in developing mouse embryo is required for embryonic survival

Jokela Heli , Rantakari Pia , Lamminen Tarja , Strauss Leena , Ola Roxana , Gylling Helena , Miettinen Tatu , Pakarinen Pirjo , Sainio Kirsi , Poutanen Matti

Hydroxysteroid (17-β) dehydrogenase enzymes (HSD17Bs) have an important role in sex steroid hormone metabolism. They are known to catalyze reactions between highly active 17β-hydroxy steroids and less active 17-keto steroids. In addition to sex steroid metabolism, it is becoming evident that HSD17Bs have functions in other pathways as well, e.g. lipid and bile acid metabolism. HSD17B type 7 enzyme is known to catalyze in vitro the activation of estrone (E1) to...