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ea0041ep1007 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2016

Thyroid dyshormonogenesis: therapeutic data of a group of seventeen patients

Cheikhrouhou Nesrine , Mnif Mouna , Mnif Fatma , Salah Dhouha Ben , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: Thyroid dyshormonogenesis (TD) accounts for 15–20% of congenital hypothyroidism (CH). Levothyroxine is the treatment of choice with the immediate goal to raise the serum T4 as rapidly as possible. Surgical treatment is indicated in case of compressive or suspected goiter.Patients and methods: Seventeen patients with thyroid dyshormonogenesis belonging to 4 Tunisian families were included in a descriptive prospective study. They were fo...

ea0056p563 | Obesity | ECE2018

Anti-obesity effect of green alga sulphated polysaccharide on high fat diet

Abdallah Rihab Ben , Kolsi Boulbaba , Elleuch Mouna , Mnif Mouna , Abid Mohamed

Obesity is considered as an exceeding life style disorder notably in developing countries and it is prevailing at a frightful speed in new world countries as a result of fast food intake, causing raised blood cholesterol levels, which in turn can damage many systems in the body. The present study investigates the hypolipidemic effects of sulphated polysaccharide obtained from Codium fragile (CFSP) in induced obese rats (HFD). The results showed an increase in body weight of HF...

ea0090ep67 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2023

Effect of glucocorticoid replacement dose on bone mineral density in patients with Addison disease: A cross-sectional Tunisian-based study

Boujelben Khouloud , Salah Dhoha Ben , Frikha Hamdi , Elleuch Mouna , Mnif Mouna , Mnif Fatma , Charfi Nadia , Majdoub Nabila Rekik , Kacem Akid Faten Haj , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: Addison disease (AD) is associated with high risk of decreased bone mineral density (BMD) and osteoporosis. Causes are complex, including lifelong glucocorticoid replacement therapy. Several studies have pointed a significant relationship between glucocorticoid dose and low BMD in patients with AD. The aim of our study is to assess the impact of glucocorticoid replacement dose on BMD among Tunisian patients with AD.Patients and Methods: We ...

ea0090ep255 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Dietary and metabolic factors predictive of pancreatitis occurrence in type 1 diabetes

Missaoui Abdel Mouhaymen , Mnif Fatma , Soomauroo Siddiqa , Elleuch Mouna , Mnif Mouna , Majdoub Nabila Rekik , Ben Salah Dhoha , Abid Mohamed

Objective: to analyze the dietary and metabolic factors predictive of the occurrence of pancreatitis in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM).Patients and Methods: Analytical case-control study of 31 T1DM patients separated into two subgroups: G1 (n=10): T1DM cases with pancreatitis. G2 (n=21): T1DM controls without pancreatitis.Results: The age at diagnosis of T1DM was comparable between the two groups. A...

ea0090ep410 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Etiological profile and outcomes of acute pancreatitis in patients with type 1 diabetes

Missaoui Abdel Mouhaymen , Mnif Fatma , Belabed Wafa , Elleuch Mouna , Mnif Mouna , Majdoub Nabila Rekik , Salah Dhoha Ben , Abid Mohamed

Objective: To describe the etiological profile the outcomes of acute pancreatitis (AP) in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1DM).Patients and Methods: A retrospective descriptive study of 10 T1DM patients who presented at least one episode of AP during their follow-up.Results: The mean age at diagnosis of T1DM was 19.7±9.3 years, with a female predominance (60%). T1DM was frequently inaugurated by a cardinal syndrome (50%) or spon...

ea0090ep787 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Somatotrpic adenomas: Radiological features at diagnosis in a Tunisian cohort

Akid Faten Haj Kacem , Belabed Wafa , Missaoui Abdel Mouhaymen , Salah Dhoha Ben , Mnif Mouna , Mnif Fatma , Mejdoub Nabila , Abid Mohamed

Background and aim: Acromegaly is mostly due to a somatotropic adenoma. Regarding its insidious nature, this adenoma is often revealed at an invasive stage. This study aims to describe the radiological specificities of somatotropic adenomas at the time of diagnosisPatients and methods: We conducted a retrospective study at the Endocrinology department of Hedi Chaker University Hospital, Sfax, Tunisia. We involved 29 patients diagnosed with acromegaly, wh...

ea0049ep66 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2017

Primary hyperparathyroidism associated with Cushing syndrome and primary hyperaldosteronism

Mnif Fatma , Elfekih Hamza , Elleuch Mouna , Hadjkacem Faten , Ghorbel Dorra , Rekik Nabila , Ammar Mouna , Mnif Mouna , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: The simultaneous occurrence in the same patient of more than one endocrinological condition is rare and was described in the multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN). Here, we report a patient with an unusual combination of primary-hyperparathyroidism, papillary thyroid microcarcinoma, primary-hyperaldosteronism and ACTH-independent Cushing’s syndrome.Case description: A 54-year-old women with a primary-hyperparathyroidism was admitted to ou...

ea0073aep287 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2021

Predictive factors associated with diabetic kidney disease in adult-onset Type 1 Diabetes

Faten Hadj Kacem , Boujelben Khouloud , Twaheerah Allymamod Bibi , Wajdi Safi , Fatma Mnif , Mouna Mnif , Nadia Charfi , Nabila Rekik , Mohamed Abid

IntroductionUncontrolled hyperglycemia of diabetes is a common cause of renal failure and diabetic nephropathy, which is also called diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Despite improvements in the management of type 1 diabetes (T1D), progression of diabetic nephropathy remains unpredictable and associated with high morbidity and mortality. The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence and risk factors for diabetic kidney disease among adults-onset T...

ea0073ep66 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2021

Risk of pancreatitis in type 2 diabetes

Haj Kacem Faten , Salah Ameni , Elleuch Mouna , Ben salah Dhouha , Mnif Mouna , Mnif Fatma , Nabila , Charfi Nadia , Abid Mohamed

IntroductionPancreatitis is an inflammatory condition of the pancreas, which has known an increased incidence over the last years. Gallstones and alcohol abuse are the most common causes. But many risk factors are associated with pancreatitis, including Type 2 diabetes who has an estimated risk of pancreatitis at nearly three times the risk of non-diabetics. The aim of our work is to study the relationship between these two entities.<p class="abstext...

ea0081ep309 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Prevalence and risk factors of diabetic painful distal symmetrical polyneuropathy

Ben Salah Dhoha , Abdelmoula Mariem , Mejdoub Yosra , Ketata Nouha , Elleuch Mouna , Mnif Fatma , Charfi Nadia , Mnif Mouna , Rekik Majdoub Nabila , Haj Kacem Akid Faten , Abid Mohamed

Introduction: Distal and symmetrical peripheral polyneuropathy is the most frequent type of diabetic neuropathy. Its painful form (PDN) is the most common cause of non-traumatic neuropathic pain and can place a heavy burden on patients’ lives. Despite the major impact that it can have on the quality of life, PDN is generally underdiagnosed because of a large interindividual variability of symptoms and in the absence of well-established diagnostic criteria.<p class="ab...