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ea0084ps1-02-17 | Hypothyroidism | ETA2022

Isolated hypothyroxinemia - not only in pregnancy

Molnar Jeannette

Isolated hypothyroxinemia is rarely and briefly mentioned in medical textbooks and seldom discussed at endocrine conferences. It is most often, but not exclusively encountered in pregnancy. The author presents cases of isolated hypothyroxinemia encountered at a private endocrine practice in Budapest, Hungary and a specialized medical practice in Berlin, Germany. In the last seven years the author encountered about thirty cases: app. 60% in women who were 17-85 years old and ap...

ea0092ps3-23-07 | Pregnancy | ETA2023

Effect of selenium supplementation on carbohydrate metabolism in hungarian patients with and without pregnancy

Molnar Jeannette

In the last 20 years an increasing number of European patients with autoimmune thyroiditis are supplemented with selenium in case of elevated thyroid autoantibody levels. However, a multicenter research trial in the United States suggested that selenium supplementation might increase the incidence of type 2 diabetes. The aim of this small study was to assess whether selenium supplementation in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis has any effect on carbohydrate metabolism witho...

ea0041ep1027 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2016

Follow-up of serum selenium concentrations in patients receiving selenium supplementation

Molnar Jeannette , Balazs Csaba

Selenium (Se) supplementation has been adopted as treatment for patients with elevated autoantibodies or in patients with mild GravesÂ’ orbitopathy. However, serum Se concentrations or other markers of Se status are usually not determined during treatment. The aim of our study was to measure serum Se concentrations at regular intervals during treatment and to register any side effects.Twenty patients with mild orbitopathy and twenty patients with act...